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Hi!  My name is Paula Mattei and I am the founder and owner of My Team Jewelry!
My interest in beading and jewelry started around 2002 when my sons were in elementary school.  I was on the PTO board and we decided to make some beaded bracelets for our School Santa Store fundraiser.  It didn't take long before I was hooked on this new activity!
I have always loved art and was always crafting and making things as a child.  Since I was a stay at home mom, it was a fun hobby to engage in for myself.  Soon, I was collecting all sorts of fun, colorful beads and making all sorts of bracelets and necklaces.  I started accumulating a few dozen so in order to cover the cost of my hobby, I participated in my first holiday craft fair at my church in McKinney, Texas!
I noticed that there were a lot of talented jewelry artisans out there so I needed to find my “niche” to help me stand out.  Not only am I a big fan of art and creativity, I am a huge sports fan!  I grew up playing sports and to this day, I have either been a competitor, coach, or avid fan, sometimes all three at once! 
With that, it did not take me long to decide which direction I was going to take with my jewelry.  I was now taken to creating sports jewelry.  As my boys were growing up, they too were participating in sports.  My oldest son, Matthew, went from Little League Champion as a 10 year old to a Texas state qualifier in tennis.  My youngest, Michael, was also a baseball player and by the time he reached high school, had become an accomplished swimmer, qualifying to the Texas state tournament in several events. 
I was one of those volunteer moms who joined all the booster club boards.  Blessed with the time, I was happy to volunteer and help with spirit wear, fundraising, cheering, and supporting!   Every year, I looked forward to new spirit wear and noticed that there was not much jewelry and accessories to wear with our tee shirts and hoodies.  
I continued to tweak my custom jewelry and eventually found a fun and unique way to create custom logo charms, keychains, and pendants for schools, clubs, and sports teams.  Understanding the need and challenges of fundraising, I decided I was going to offer that service along with my products.
Today, My Team Jewelry works with several schools, teams, clubs, and other organizations, providing quality fashion jewelry for spirit wear, fundraising, awards, and promotional gifts.
We all belong to some kind of team, whether it's athletic, academic, business, social, or charitable.  If your group has a logo or graphic you would like to have turned into beautiful jewelry, keychains, and accessories, please contact me any time and let's get started on creating something special for you!

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  • Love your jewelry!!! I have so many pieces and love that you custom make. I can’t wait to see what you design next.


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