Tusculum University

Official Tusculum University jewelry, keychains, and other spirit accessories personalized and customized just for you!  More products! More choices! More fundraising potential!

My Team Jewelry has teamed up with TU in creating fun and unique spirit items and gifts for all Pioneer students, fans, and alumni!

All products are handmade in Texas and shipped directly to you.  Check out all of the wonderful Pioneer products plus the dozens of art, band, and sports products throughout the MTJ website.  

When you purchase TU merchandise and from the dozens of general sports and music products, 50% of the sales will benefit the Tusculum athletic team of your choice with 30% of the sales from general sports products.

Turnaround time is generally 3-4 days with items requiring personalization an extra day or two.  

The first half of 2020 was met with many challenges.  Let's end it on a winning note and help your Pioneers get back in the game!

Have a question about MTJ products or have a design request?  Please contact My Team Jewelry and let me help you get your custom item today!





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